I can relate to this

I’m scared that I’m not myself in here, and I’m scared that I am.

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Happy bday to the baddest bitch ever❤️ #myidol #bossbitch #millionaires #melissamarie #sincehighscool #ilysm

Dear God, you had me at those dimples but that smile and tattoos 😱 #speechless #mcm #mshadows #avengedsevenfold #mce

I know to you your birthday is just another day, but to me it’s the most important day, because I was blessed with such a fucken awesome sister and best friend. I love you so much babygirl but I’m pretty sure the whole world knows it by now. Idc how old you get, your always going to be my little baby sister😘. I wish you the best happy birthday chicken legs❤️. #hbd #lovemysister #toinfinitiandbeyond

We can’t be friends! ✋#imixranchandketchup

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Reir un poco, aunque sea falsa.


-Tú, yo, la cena, el vino, las flores, la
luna, el borracho, la muerte, el
diablo, la bandera, la sirena…


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